Thursday, 10 March 2011

Florence 2011: Day1

Only a couple of weeks ago, during the February half term, i went on a 5-day photography trip to Italy. We stayed in the beautiful city of Florence, and each day visited a new place or two. This is going to be in 5 seperate blog posts, each one describing each day.

On the first day, after long and tiring coach/plane journeys, we eventually arrived in Florence. Florence is home to one of the most architecturally renoun and outstanding buildings in history: The Duomo, and we had a view of it, right from our luxury 2 star hotel ;)

Above you can the Duomo (well the front of it anyway). It is a truly beautiful piece of architecture and has to be seen face to face to be fully appreciated. Luckily as we arrived the sun was setting casting some beautiful colours onto the Duomo, making for a really nice pictue.

Following our arrival we were given plenty of free time to localise ourselves with the surrounding area and get some good snaps. All i can say is that during the few hours of free time, i was truly amazed at the beauty of florence, the atmosphere was brilliant and all of the buildings had their own character to them.

Following our free time, we simply just unpacked and relaxed in the hotel for a few hours, before going out for the evening meal. Obviously pasta was for dinner and it was delicious, miles above the pasta here in england! So all in all it was a good first day, and to top it off we had some more free time after the meal for a drink. Well, while wandering around we managed to find a shop which sold Duff beer. I obviously had to buy 3 purely for the novelty, and after drinking them while walking we found a brilliant little cafe/bar. We decided to stop just for a drink and to chillout, soaking up the atmosphere, and there were 7 of us so we were giving the cafe good business. After each buying a drink or too, the barman came to our table outside with a tray, with a vodka shot each, completely free! What a perfect way to top off the day :D

p.s. also, i am sorry but i've yet to edit those 3 photos, but im sure you can enjoy them nonetheless.


  1. Good post and beautiful photos man. Big ups.

  2. nice start to the trip mate, looking forward to more photos

  3. fack, starting to loose it. Just tried to comment 3 times, and the comment vanished. If you have word verification on your comments, please remove them, they suck a fattie.

    So, what I was trying to say, that top photo of the Duomo is incredible. The parallels between architecture and musical composition suddenly came into focus in a way they never have before.

    All off of a photo on a blog! Nice one bro.

  4. Great photos bro. Followed!

  5. thanks for all of the positive feedback on this, bigup everyone! i was hoping to be doing one a day, but got dragged back by the weekend, the next part should be up tonight!

    also how do you turn on the word verification...pisses me off too!

  6. First picture rocks, that is the epitome of epic.

  7. Nice stuff again, looking foward to more!

  8. That first picture is lovely.