Wednesday, 9 March 2011

B+W ND110 filter

As a photography enthusiast, i have recently purchased an ND (neutral density) filter, with a strength of 10 stops. This is a very dark filter, which essentially enables me to take photographs with a much longer exposure time during daylight hours. Most people from what i have seen, have filters which only stop the exposure down a few stops, enabling the same effect, but not quite so much.

The idea behind being able to take longer exposures during the day, is so that you can take photographs which capture motion. Skies become a lot more textured, and water becomes silky smooth when your exposing on average of 20 seconds, and as can be seen here it makes the image a lot more dramatic and impressive!

unfortunately that image is not mine, however the same filter was used. I managed to find this photograph from a great photographer on their website: AlexWisePhotography
As you can see, with the right scene, the results are simply beautiful. Unfortunately i haven't been able to find a location quite so suitable as of yet, but i have been messing around with local rivers, and so far i have definitely been impressed with this little gizmo!

If anyone is interested in buying said filter, then it can easily be found on the Internet by simply google searching 'ND110' and for an average price of £45 you really can't go wrong!


  1. I am proper looking forward to seeing your efforts. That photo is stunning and am sure yours will be equally as good. Following this blog now :)

  2. thanks, i really hope i can get something as good as that...we shall see, and thanks for the follow :)

  3. That's sick, I used to do photography back in college (mainly black and white with a film SLR) and this is making me miss it :(

    You ever tried doing a homemade pinhole camera? Very hit and miss, but you can get some well cool long exposure stuff with them (I remember this one time I was taking a photo at college and some guy walked past the shot, ended up coming out like some ghost or something on the photo).

  4. ahhh yeahhh ive done work with film SLRs and homemade pinholes, theyre definately fun, but god theyre annoying when they dont come out nicely.
    i think its good though, helps you to realise how lucky we are to be able to simply point and click at 100s photos, and choose and edit the best ones...without educating yourself about the traditional ways you just take all of that for granted

  5. Damn, i'd love one of these filters.
    Your blog has influenced me to get out my camera soon to get some pics.

  6. This blog looks promising, look forward to seeing your efforts...